Kitchen Renovation Works

Capture2 300x224 Kitchen Renovation Works

Services Provided:

  • Lay/Overlay Wall Tiles

  • Lay/Overlay Floor Tiles

  • Construct Cabinet/Fridge/Washing Machine Base

  • Construct Sink / Cooking Support With Tiles

  • Supply & Install Custom Kitchen Cabinet

  • Supply & Install Kitchen Top

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Toilet & Bathroom Renovation Works

5 224x300 Toilet & Bathroom RenovationServices Provided:

  • Laying/Overlaying of Wall Tiles

  • Repair Wall Tiles

  • Laying/Overlaying of Anti Slip Floor Tiles

  • Change WC & Wash Basin

  • Toilet Door & Shower Screen

  • Construct Shower Kerb

  • And more…

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What Our Clients Say

You may want to call Mr Soo (90098159). He overlayed wall & floor tiles for my toilet recently and i was impressed with the work. Nice and clean. He does the work himself and with a small team.

– brendonlim - Renovation Forum

Very experienced… He knows what to advise, eg. where to put sink, toilet bowl, heaters…
…Took his own initiative to install a inlet pipe for washing machine…His pace of work is really good…Very easy to communicate…

– jammo89 - Renovation Forum

I just got my 2 toilet WC changed by Mr Soo (hp 90098159) You might want to get his service, I’m pleased with his work.

– blursss - Renovation Forum